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WOW!! I went bead shopping today after school with Serena and Heather... I got some of my own, I'm starting a bead collection so I can make my own kandy. Cassie, were you gonna make those two tonight?? I made 3 today... one says TEASE, one says DEW and GMS, and one's just plain neon. Wow I feel cool. Like I belong or something. What's up with Paul being all down on kandy? Kill him... lol. Well, not literally... But y'know. Wow I feel all neat cuz I belong to the sparklesclub. Anybody else feel special now? I'm gonna be changing my passwords now, not cuz I don't trust you all, but because I do it every 3 weeks or so anyway, to keep my mom on her toes... heh. Well, my family is crazy and want me offline. See y'all tomorrow... don't forget to wear black....
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